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Why do so many people give up on working out? The number one reason is BOREDOM! Running on treadmills, or sitting on a bike for an hour gets old really, really fast and the motivation goes away in a hurry. Lets face it, punching and kicking things is fun and very stress relieving. Now add some loud music and some energized trainers pushing you to the max, this will probably be the best hour of your day. Camp Kickboxing offers workouts that are fun and keep you interested. What does that mean? It means “Getting your adrenaline flowing by “beating the crap” outta some bags with punches, kick, knees, elbows just like a kickboxer. It’s a workout that anyone can do. Not only do you work cardio, but you’re also shredding calories, burning fat, getting toned and building muscle all at once. Camp Kickboxing offers different programs for all fitness levels and ages. From Kick-Box Cardio Circuit Training, Boxing, Boot-Camp, Kickboxing, Strength Training For Kids and Adults!! We invite you to join us and experience improved physical fitness, mental strength, and confidence! Tell us about your situation and goals. And together let’s get you on a great path to great health! The moment is yours. All or nothing! Own it! Hard work pays off!